Entered Bolivia with success, walked up the town, jumped in a Micro (Bolivian Minivan) and off to the next town, just bad that non of us had Bolivian Money and Banks and ATMs? are closed at Sunday,.. changed my 100 pesos in a shop to a miserable rate, paied the driver and booked another Bus to Potosi, was counting every Boliviano for once,.. with a bit a crappier bus to Potosi, stopped all the way long for hop on hop off passenger, arrived 6 hours later in Potosi, and yeah, here the ATMs work, great, so lets walk up the hill wo search a accommodation. It’s just getting cold on 4000m, and there’s this lack of oxygen, what helps to carry a Backpack, anyway walked into a columbien-hippy who gave me a hit where to stay, not that it didn’t feel wrong to walk with a stranger into a backyard but yeah, still alive. Anyway, so dropped my stuff went for dinner and some beer, a mix of high altitude headache, looong day and just sleep in crappy buses, let the evening then end a bit earlier.

So get up, sun was shining already so lets find something to eat, 2B for 2 Empanadas, sounds like a good deal, spended the rest of the day walking arround and eating, and went to a museum of a colster. Somehow I should have visited the mines, but the claustrophobia warnings let me skip this part, anyway you don’t have to see everything, or?

went on to Sucre in an other bus, arrived there tuck some public transport to the hostel, checked in, went for a walk and to catch some dinner, second day hung arround in the park, went to watch some germany – holland, and after took a 30min bus ride to a viewing point, walk back from there 10min, buses driving circles,..
Day after went to the markets, get some nice fruitshakes there, lovely place,.. in the evening took a bus to La Paz,..

Nice Bus, with super comfortable chairs, like beds,.. but yeah, the television, didn’t had any sound,.. and in the morning the bus was cold es hell,.. so arrived in La Paz took a cap to loki’s a party hostel,.. checked in got a nap, explored the places arround, went partying,.. went to bed, got up, walked arround, watched the game, booked a flight to rurre, went partying again,.. next day a bit more lazy,.. hung arround, went for a walk, was there still a game on? catched a food poisoning, awesome!

So, got up felt really bad, should catch a flight, no way,.. went to the travel office, the girl behind the desk: “you the one with the flight? have to talk to you!” flight canceled! lucky punch! so get a day full of sleep! next day felt quiet better, went to the airport, checked in, flight was delayed, why? Achmedinetschad was landing with Evo Morales, so they closed La Paz Airport for two hours, ha that’s why zurich isn’t the capital! Anyway boarded the very small plane, had a scenic flight to Rurrenbarque, half of the tourist pissed them self (not litterly), think they never sad in a small plane like this, big surprise, landed on pavement,.. So, Airport shuttle to Rurre,.. checked in, watched the next game,..still wasn’t to good, so catched some sleep,..

next day, explored a bit rurre, book a tour, so next day off to the amazon,.. tour started late, waited for some tourists from coming by plane,.. took the boot to the lodge,.. went for some bird and caiman watching, got bitten by 5000 mosquitos! after good food and good sleep in the jungle,.. went for a hike, to watch some monkeys,.. some probably just half-wild, anyway,.. started to rain cats and dogs, so made our way back to the lodge, where we hung up for the rest of the day, and made some jewellery,.. next day went to search some pics, but no look, so went piranha fishing in the afternoon, what is actually more a wast of meet,.. not much meet on piranhas,.. but good fun 🙂 last day went for an other hike, saw some guapies, and some monkeys, and some traces from pics, tapirs and jaguars,.. got a goodby from loads of monkeys, who were running all over the lodge for a while,.. so way back to the rurre,.. some capybara hanging on the river,.

Next day, back to La Paz, didn’t plan to stay there to long, but came different, went to some museums, viewing points, watch the last games, and some parties, but not to hard,.. finally catched a bus to Copacabana, nice bus ride, with some really crappy ferries on its way,.. catched a hostal, went for dinner,.. next day of to Isla del sol, they really could need some speed boats on lake Titicaca, anyways saw some Inka ruins, went for a 3-4h hike,.. really doesn’t look like you over 4000m but yeah,.. boat back, sunset beer, dinner,.. get some sleep and time to go to Cusco,..


Headed from Buenos Aires with the ferry up to Colonia del Sacramento, first day there visited the old town, was covered in fog, second day tried it again 🙂 still fog, but not as bad, climbed the light tower, chonked my head (should learn to read warning signs) walked up on the cost on a foggy beach, trapped my self in a mud hole,..
Day after off to Montevideo, take a Bus (with wi-fi) to Montevideo, 3 hours late, you’re there. Took a taxi who was falling apart to the hostel, and did more or less hang arround there for the rest of the day, watched some movies in TV, yeah.
Second day exploring Montevideo, a bit hanging arround meeting some local.
Next day, getting the 3rd time on this continent compared with Jean Dujardin by a french girl, wtf? going cycling the 30km promenade, up and down again, nice 🙂
Leaving Uruguay with an overnight bus, after a day of walking, to Porto Alegre in Brazil. Had some more or less good sleep in the Bus, so lets visit, don’t understand anything anymore, no, spanish still helps. start with visiting the cultural centre, quiet nice, but not too much to see. So let’s visit the parks, there’re of Parks in Porto Alegre. In some they had a demonstration, for me it looked more like Carnival, drums, masks, bodypaintings, etc. and at the end of the day, in the next bus off to Foz de Iguaçu,..
Huh, arriving there, getting a Taxi to the Hostel, hm, all other guests are leaving, so not much tourists in South America. anyway, getting a nap, and heading in the afternoon to the brazilian site off the falls. At the evening, killing a book and getting to sleep.
Next Day, visiting the Itaupu-Dam, the largest or second largest power plant of the world, don’t know how productive the three corches dam in china already is, missed visit that ne anyway. so going on a tour, where they tell how nice all that is and how good they work together with Paraguay, some capybara hanging arround, listen to some more propaganda about fish steps, but yeah, a nice 14GW-Powerplant, you can actually feel the power if you there, forget to ask the tour guide about resedeling projects and what happened to this other falls, ok about those I actually didn’t know until a Canadian told me about those and the tour was also over then, still some more numbers, the dam m covers at least 16% of the Brazilian Electricy and about 80% of the Paraguayan, and Paraguay exports about 90% of the energy back to brazil. So no Energy discussion for them, hah.
In the Hostel no actually lived someone else, wow,.. anyway,. next day off to the Argentinian side off the falls, not a lot of sunshine, what a pity, skipping the brazilian borderprozesses, feeling a bit guilty,.. anyway enjoying the Argentinian side, where you can walk more in to the falls but don’t see their size at once. going to a boat trip or to, the first one, under the falls, where you get wet wet wet, you could actually jump into a pool, no difference. and a second one where you where drifting slowly down a river, at least saw a caiman. Heading back, yeah the brazilian didn’t stop me, three other guests in the hostel, wow, how crowded, at least enough for a little bit a fiesta 🙂
Next day leaving Brazil, heading through Paraguay to Asunción. Nice bus ride, watched another film in spanish, get into a hostel, also there not too much people, only a german was hanging arround there who, spend the most of the time with Counterstrike and Watching some films. Anyway didn’t do a lot in Asunción neither. walked arround, found at least once a way into the Paraguayan night life, alright,.. after 4 days headed further, back to Argentina.
The Bus to Argentina, was alright, border control, normal, just after there where like three other checkpoint on the Argentinian side, they don’t trust Paraguay, hah. Arrived late in Resistencia, catched another bus to Salta, alright, nearly beds in the bus, some dinner and wine. Arrived in Salta, did a long walk to check out some hostels, they actually didn’t have any other guests, so I gave up to search one with. Ended up in one who was literally falling apart, first day in Salta, visited the hill, drove up with a Swiss-Cablecar enjoyed the view for some secs, walked down the stairs, second day tried to arrange a tour for the next days what I then did, so.
So 7am off to some Argentinian salt flats, up to over 4000m getting some first experiences with coca-leaves, they are far away to be a drug,.. anyway maybe helps for the attitude changes, watching out for some rock formations, getting some lunch driving to the salt flats, damn why didn’t I bring sunglasses? right I lost or broke them somewhere in asia five moths ago. Damn, hard to see anything, to much light. Later the way down to a little town, I forgot the name, anyway and really tired Back to Salta.
Next Day, 7am, off to Cafayate, some more, nice rock formation, on the way to there, visiting a Bodega in cafayate, some blabla in spanish, and degust two wines that’s it? So let’s go to lunch again, visiting Cafayate and driving back, visiting a natural amphitheatre, some people from the tour really sing, accustic is nice, right, heading back to Salta.
Time to leave Salta, but the best way is to take an overnight Bus to La Quiaca, so another day in Salta. Getting some last pesos waiting at the ATM and running into another swiss who went to the same school in BA, huh, however,.. visiting the MAAM museum about high altitude archeology, some mummies of kids who were buried alive on the top of some mountains. running again in the same swiss so go for a beer, just to hang there in the sun a see another swiss who went to the same school walking by,.. anyway enjoying a last Argentinian steak, watching some a local concert, heading to the bus. Bus wasn’t as nice as used from South america, put by every stop the light on, arrived in La Quiaca the windows where frozen inside,.. nice,.. anyway,.. -5°C walking to the Border, should open in 10min how nice, and yeah a que from 20 people, and a super fast border control, at least the sun is rising.

Argentina welcomed me already in the plane, haha, fly aerolina 🙂 didn’t hear a lot good about this company but anyway. At least they had screens all 6 rows, the first time they broke down was during the security briefing,.. haha, let you feel good. anyways the 11 a half hours fly wasn’t to bad, at least i had some people next to me to speak to. the movies where only in spanish, mean the english canal wasn’t loud enough, haha,.. arrived at Buenos Aires (about 3 hours before the plane took off) border wasn’t a problem, ended up in the terminal get a paper from the police not to trust any taxi drivers, tried to get some pesos,.. hah, no ATM in terminal B, lets walk to Terminal A and buy a transfer to the hostel.
The Hostel was quit nice, even if at the time I arrived they had a power broke down, so lets walk up 5 floors with backpack, nice. The hostel BBQ was canceled then because they didn’t wanted to carry the meat up 6 floors. so went to Eat something in a peruvian restaurant and up to bed. Next day, walk around try to find a dictionary, the BBQ was then finally in this evening, and after went to some fiesta, clubbing starts in BA at 3am, hah,.. next day another steak and another fiesta, huh,.. Day after start of my spanish program, actually move to the host family, get some sleep again, was still jet lagged, and walk a bit arround in the surroundings.
So lets start with spanish, my year spanish didn’t help me anything they anyway put me in the lowest level, but was alright. so the first week didn’t do a lot, started my spanish classes, started my tango classes, went to a mate crash course, yeah that’s it, at the weekend tried to meet some locals on a couchsurfing event, and at the way back met a lovely dog. hah.
Week two, what do I remember? nothing was a short week anyway, with some extra lessons, some good fiestas at the weekend how I memorize.
third week, some more spanish, some more tango, some more steaks,.. what was there else? At the weekend visited the cemetery de recoleta. yeah that’s it.
fourth week, added again some events from the school to my program, some music events, some salsa lessons, some fiesta, and some cinema. At the weekend, watch the Championsleague final, some fiestas, etc. bye-bye Buenos Aires, Hasta la proxima!

Wellington, the capital, doesn’t look like, went to the Te Papa museum, was quite interesting, stories about how who discovered New Zealand and the Treaty of Waitangi, get to see a bit an other side of the indigo population of Aotearoa and the seedling, wasn’t actually as nice as the most kiwi try to remember. After some lections of history heading more north, in a little town, found with a bit of look a place to sleep,..
next day visited the local-market, drove up through a valley with nice village names, like Athene or Jerusalem up to “National park” get some food and make yourself ready for a big hike the next day.
Getting up early in the morning and start hiking up through a surreal volcanic landscape, better known as Mordor, adding the extra way up to Mount Doom, really don’t know his real name. No idea how Frodo made it up with the Ring, it’s a pain in the ass, one step up, two steps downs, try to climb, haha, two hours and about 300m altitude later on the top. Get some lunch, shoot some fotos, try to make the Golum 🙂 watch the clock, time to climb down, or slide, would have been fun with a sandboard,just don’t try to fall, back down take some new fotos, get the smurf out to take another, and watch out, there was an other Smurf traveling with me the last 2 days without notice, so smurfreunion 🙂 yehaa. ok, but still another 10k to go,.. so up again the next hill watch out for some purple lakes, some hot stones, and a long way down the hill to the bus stop. a loooooong day.
So next day, let’s go to Lake Taupo, hm, still no base jumping there, but another walk, but a short one, enjoying a hot river like free natural thermal pools yehaa, get back by night with some beers, and next day further to Rotorua.
Rotorua smells like rotting eggs 🙂 visiting the town is still alright, in the evening go for a culture show about how the maori lived before the english, was quit nice, a lot of food, and and and,..
So next day further north to, öähhh no plan, anyways, there was a beach where you could dig your own thermal pools was fun, after a while when you found out how to regulate the hot and cold water, because the hot one was actually cooking, haha,.. visiting some other nice beaches as well,.. how live should be.
Time is running away so heading fast north to the bay of 100 islands, not really did there anything, another coastal walk and so on. changing back to west cost to do some last stops by some huge trees, stayed in one of the nicest hostels so far, had a discussion about politics with some Israelis, haha, actually told myself not to disgust about politics but ey, anyway,..
So off to Auckland, my last stop in NZ, staying there, visiting the harbor, some parks, went again to the cinema, americanpie the reunion, haha,.. walked around and went far to early to the airport.

Landed in Christchurch,.. shocked by a little puppie who sniffed my bag at an unexpected moment, get asked by the border police if i didn’t know that I needed a way out ticket, because it was booked just hours before. Yes I agreed, and told him also that I probably will use an other ticket, so what a joke,.. they still let me in their country,.. so next airport shuttle to somewhere in Christchurch, or New Brighton.
In Christchurch I did some cycling some wander around through the earthquake destroyed town, and get some rest,.. the earthquake exhibition was really impressive and full of emotions,.. after a few days of Christchurch I met a girl from Austria, and relocated a camper van with her to Queenstown, the nice thing about car relocation is that you just pay the petrol, awesome,.. so back on the road, drove through some amazing New Zealand landscape,.. wild camped somewhere nowhere,.. visited a lot of little townships,.. did a hike to the Hooker-Lake next to Mountcook,.. a lake full of ice,.
So finally ended up in Queenstown,.. dropped the car checked in to a hostel, did some research bout what to do there, booked a Milford sound cruise and the huts on the Keplertrack,.. so next day off to Milfordsound not really a sound actually a fiord, but anyways,.. was a nice cruise saw some seals and dolphins,.. the dolphins where swimming in front of the boat,.. cute 🙂 and so at the end of the day dropped in Te Anau, at the start of the Kepler track,..
Yeaha 4 day of hiking,.. sounds like fun,.,. carrying sleeping bag, food for four days and pans doesn’t sound like fun, isn’t fun,.. first day up to Mount Luxmore, with more than 10kg backpack,.. my pulse got for sure over 150 🙂 but finally over the treeline, there was an amazing view, and only a half an hour to walk to the hut. so yeah,,.. some instant noodles where waiting,..
Day two, a walk over the mountains, was a bit windy sometimes a bit steep, and at the end of the day,.. all down the mountain,.. and the next hut was waiting, with a talkactive ranger, so listen to all this,.. going for a swim in a glacier river,.. ah that’s insane, wasn’t really a swim more a hop in run out hop in run out 🙂 and by night for a walk through the forest, searching some kiwis, but just saw some glowworms,..
So, a flat short walk on day three, wasn’t two much but,.. just the legs hurts from the days before,.. walking through some fern-forest, and some interesting other plants 🙂 at the evening, the last hut,.. would be perfect for some parties, sic! with a rangerette who was a bit confused 🙂 told us the story about the bats they found there by the irisburn hut,.. haha, but the way she told the story was a bit confused 🙂 anyways, afterwards played some cards with some germans,.. nz is full of germans,..
the last day, the walk back to Te Anau,.. and getting some rest,.. watching the sky if it really don’t want to rain,.. that was it from the track,.. 🙂 no I forgot to tell about the Sandflies,.. really mean animals,.. somehow like mosquitos,.. just if you know the Sandflies, you would invite the mosquitos to bite you,.. because the bites doesn’t itch so long and as bad,.. fucking sandflies,.. 🙂
How ever, next days off to Queenstown, getting some bad weather and adding some days to relax, checking out the nightlife with a pub crawl, eating some monstrous burgers, thinking about doing some extremsport activities, but quitting this idea because of weather, and enormous costs,.. days later further to Wanaka, an other little town, there, doing a half-day walk, where we first walked for an hour in the wrong direction because we didn’t see the markings, anyways, got a nice few up to a glacier at the end. At the evening visiting the crazy cinema in Wanaka, who is one of the main turist attraction because of his way of the seating. John Coner from earth, an absolute must see, nooooooot, but good entertainment somehow.
Off to the west coast, visiting some waterfalls on the way, heading through some empty villages and finally ending up in a lovely hostel in Fox Glacier. So next day of to a glacier tour, not that we wouldn’t have glaciers in switzerland, and not that I ever did a glacier tour there, but it was great anyway, jumping from a rainforest on to the top of a glacier, surreal? no, didn’t feel like, so walking for some hours on the glacier, visiting some holes and caves, climbing up and down,.. chili? no way? but at the end of the day, finally tried back at the hostel.
So, next day travelling up the lovely west coast, visiting some rock formation, heading up to Greymouth, the brewery tour wasn’t on there anymore, so the highlight was a campfire on the beach, next day up to the north of the island, a lot of crusing, not much more I remember, heading to the Tasman National park, first day a little walk down the coast, second day some kayaking future up, visiting some the mosquito and the sandfly bay, watching out for some seals, etc. driving up to Takaka and next day up to Farwellsend, visiting Wharariki-Beach, nearly closed in from the high-tide, some baby seals playing in pools on the beach, nice.
Curvy streets up to Picton, the last stop on the south island, a lot of rain, so not much on. Tried to do a 1000 pies puzzle, but gave up after a while, so catching the ferry to Wellington…

In Sydney angekommen, wartete ich erst mal Stunden bis der Shuttle-Service ready war, das highlight im Shuttle-Service war dann eine komplet betrunkene Australierin, die sich weigerte bei ihrem Hotel auszusteigen weil der Shuttle Driver sie nicht als erste absetzte,.. naja,..
Am nächsten Morgen, auf zur Opernhaus aussicht, wiedermal führte der weg durch einen Botanischen Garten, haha das letzte mal in als ich im Zürcher Botanischen Garten war ca. de 1. April 1990 🙂 so ein paar Fotots machen, die Queen Mary 2  von aussen bestaunen und par einkäufe tätigen und zurück zum Hostel.
Tag 2 war ziemlich regnerisch, was dazu führte das ich kaum zu irgendwelchen tätigkeiten zu begeistern war, am Abend wurde dann einwenig das sydneyische Nachtleben erkundigt 🙂
Tag 3 in Sydney gab ich mir dann einen Besuch im Zoo, um doch noch einen Blick auf den Tasmanischen Teufel zu erhaschen, und all die Tierchen welchen ich nicht begegnet bin so far,..
Und dann war auch schon wochenende, und die Hostels in Sydney komplet ausgebucht,.. also flog ich weiter nach Christchurch,.. und siehe da,.. mit einem oneway-Ticket lassen die dich nicht boarden,.. haha also noch schnell ein Ticket um raus aus NZ zu kommen buchen in 20min,.. von schalter zu schalter rennen, etc… was für ein stress 🙂

Hobart by the docksLanded on the tiny Hobart Airport,.. not as tiny as the one in Laos, but still,.. there was a cute little dog sniffing for apples,. and a guy who apologized, he forgot totally that he had apples in his backpack,.. How ever I went then to a hostel,.. and after I explored the nightlife of Hobart,.. wasn’t so much,.. but there were some people random dressed in toilet paper, carton boxes or just in duct tape,..
Second day in Hobart I went with a girl from Argentina or actually two to the Worldparty,.. a free event where there was different food and shows and performances, some better some not so good, and after that some fish n’ chips 🙂

Day three, was my birthday,.. perfect day to do some laundry 🙂 walking around in the city and searching a beach, without success and yeah,.. meeting up with Brenda to find out if I am not to crazy for a road trip,..

Mount Field National ParkNext morning, of to a car rental company, yehaaa with a Suzuki swift and awesome canadian company heading out to the landscapes of Tasmania,.. try to drive too much left, not to clean the windows when wanna signalize a direction change and all the other funny stuff happens if you try to drive on the left site of the road,.. anyways first stop New Norfolk or something like that,. stopping for shopping,.. this little ‘town’ is definitely not worth a visit,.. but then heading to the first national park,.. going for a walk through some australian rainforest, between a some huge trees,.. and searching for platypuses,.. finally found one of this cute creatures, and stalked it, till it decided to hide better 🙂 so, next mission, not as easy, define and find a place to Welcome to Queenstownsleep,..defined Queenstown, a place lonely planet describes like the end of the world, little children on rusty bmx bikes,.. and a feeling like in a splatter movie,.. wasn’t so bad,. but definitely not the place with the bests vibes I ever have been 🙂 and everything closed at nine, only a pizza place was open till 9:30pm,.. however,.. wasn’t the best pizza, but good enough infront of the tv, but the hotel smelt a bit muddy,…

Creedle MountainNext day off to Strahan, a little town on the Ocean,.. nothing to see there so further to the next national park, creedle mountain,.. another walk of about 3 1/2 hours and some Wombats eating their way through the grass next to people who took Wombatphotographs,.. wildlife for today, check,.. driving to the next ‘town’, Deloraine,.. stayed in the YHA,.. actually no YHA anymore,. so no discounts with YHA cards,. found a bottleshop,.. eat some pasta,.. get some good hours of sleep,.. how life should be, and for some reasons we where the only people in this hostel,.. countryside there are not a lot of people in Tasmania

CaveDay 3,.. get up early, drive to the bakery, get a coffee and a muffin for breakfast,.. and visit some limestone caves,.. with some glowworms,.. happened something funny there? not that I remember,.. anyways,.. back to the road,.. found a little walk on the way to Launceston, did a race,.. who is first by the sight,.. morning sport, how nice is that,.. who is first by the car, we run to the wrong car, didn’t get it till Brenda pressed the remote and the Car next to it started blinking,.. yes better reflexes,.. won the race 🙂 in Launceston went for a walk up and down a river,.. went for a swim in the cold water,.. had some sandwiches alias rolls for lunch,.. went back to the road,.. Finally arrived in Bicheno, checked in at the hostel, get the information that it’s just closing, anyways get a room in the last second,.. went out,.. looking for some pub food, but had massive prices,. so catched some beer in the bottleshop and again some pasta for dinner,.. after dinner went for an independent penguin spotting walk,. haha,.. asked a german girl if she wanna join,.. answer,.. my hair are wet,.. tried to not say mümümümümü (tease her),…  anyways,.. there where some rules for penguin spotting no photos, no torches etc,.. because else they go blind,.. so we went to the beach with a torch and our cameras (harrumpf),.. found some locals sitting in the back of their pickup,.. asked them where the penguins might be,.. they then told us to go to the blow-hole,.. or drive (its 500m to walk,.. horrible) and we should just light with our torches under the bushes where the penguins hide,.. then we should see some,.. haha,.. anyway so of, to make some wildlife blind,.. 500 thousand rabbits later, we found a possum,.. it didn’t really like the flash from Possumour cameras,.. but hang up on a tree.. however,.. walk further,.. and saw some penguins,.. cute little penguins,.. tried to not kill them with the torch,.. and was so gentle to not take a photo,.. (Brenda can I have your photo please?) went further to search some more penguins,.. found an owl, who went definitely blind, at least for some minutes,.. flew away 10min later,..and landed safely on the next tree,.. so didn’t feel so guilty anymore, phu,.. so three blind penguins,three blind possums and a blind owl later back in the hostel, disturbed some sleeping other backpackers by not going to bed immediately,..

Wineclass BayNext Morning heading off to, wineglass bay,.. doing a 5 hours,.. was only 4, walk,. defined as difficult,.. wasn’t, at least not the difficult part,.. anyways,.. take our way through school classes, who were scaring all the wildlife, down to Wineglass Bay,.. no Wineglass there,.. so going on the ‘difficult’-part of the walk,.. and wow,.. some wild life,.. nearly stood on a Black Tiger Snake, wow was a little shocked for a moment,.. first tought she is death but then moved away,.. and I tought I am death,. but now bites in my legs so finally survived,.. anyways found an amazing beach in sunshine,.. thought could go for some other rolls for lunch and a swim,.. but no, Tasmania decided that this would be the best place to start Aaaawwwsome Beach :)with some rain,. so no swim,.. no lunch, heading the two hours walk back to the car,.. jump in and start to drive to Port Arthur, to find accommodation and a ghost tour,.. but no Cheap accommodation, so, called a hostel in Hobart for late checking,.. went on the ghost tour,.. not so spooky,.. no little child following me, no shocker,.. only the one the tour guides did, by raising there voices, and some ghost stories,.. So driving by night on tasmanian streets, definitely a good idea, nooot,.. nearly roadkilled some humans, because they thought it’s a good idea to save in black cloths in a pitch black night a baby possum from the street,.. just stopped for so marsupial mice,.. without accident and roadkill arrived in Hobart,.. going for some delicious MacDonald-food,.. searching the 24h Bottleshop and do a late check in,..

next morning,.. heading south to the roads end, the most south road in Australia,. wasn’t so amazing,.. driving up to mount Wellington,. a freeze fog welcomed us,.. dropping Brenda at the Airport,.. so back in Hobart, ending up in a flat drinking some ginger wine and cooking spaghetti,.. haven’t cooked spaghetti for ages,..

next morning,.. returning the rental car,.. argh no car anymore, crying tears,.. so heading out for Salamanca Market, eating some potatoes,.. going back to the hostel,.. go out for some beers,.. off to the bottle shop,.. listen to some people playing guitars in the hostel,..

Sunday nothing to do,.. a television day,.. at the evening a pub tour,.. finally found a Schnitzel parmagia 🙂 awesome stuff 🙂 going for some more beer,.. again the 24h Bottleshop,..

Monday, a nice picnic in the botanic garden,.. love botanic gardens,.. ADDICTED

Tuesday,.. doing nothing,.. waiting for the plane to Sydney,…